Head.Responsive() v2.0.0-alpha (08 Nov 2013)

v2.0 is gearing up and getting ready for prime-time.

Currently playing with the new head.responsive() which will add a few things like

Not everything is ready, and even, there is a need for some feedback on how certain things are done. Please have a look here, play with it, look at the souce and then come provide some feedback. Thanks !

P.S. The HeadJS site has been revamped to be more dynamic and more easily updateable. However i'm not a designer and as far as typographical choices etc go ..the site could use some Designer Luv !

I'd like to keep the current layout (more or less), but typo, color-scheme, ergonomics, and flat design revamps are very welcome.

If you have some Designer Luv to spread ...bring it on !

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