HeadJS v1.0.3 Update (22 Nov 2013)

Small but very important update that fixes issues with older browser when loading via Arrays, or using and Array of labels with .ready().

Callbacks now work properly with CSS, a patch was added thank's to xhaggi, which makes this possible. An error timeout was also added ..while it's not yet possible to use this timeout to take other actions, it at least assures that callbacks are always fired. Detecting CSS files when using load is much sturdier. We still can't tell if it's a CSS file when loading a .aspx, .php ...but this will likely change soon.

This will probably be the before last update on the 1.x branch ..time for 2.x to advance ! ;-)

P.S. The HeadJS site has been revamped to be more dynamic and more easily updateable. However i'm not a designer and as far as typographical choices etc go ..the site could use some Luv !

I'd like to keep the current layout (more or less), but typo, color-scheme, ergonomics, and flat design revamps are very welcome.

If you have some Designer Luv to spread ...bring it on !

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